1. way, means, wise, method, mode, fashion, style; habit, custom, pattern, habit, wont, characteristic or customary way; system, approach, technique, procedure, course, practice, order, line, lines, attack, tack; methodology, process, proceeding, line of action, routine, Brit. the drill, Latin, modus operandi. mode of operation, Inf.MO, manner of working; procedure, standard operating procedure, Inf.SOP.
2. aspect, air, deportment, style, bearing, demeanor, mien, cast, turn, form, shape; complexion, tenor, tone, color; carriage, posture, stance, guise, garb, address, traits, Inf. cut of one's jib; presence, seeming, outward appearance, appearance, outwardness, exteriority.
3. sort, kind, strain, denomination, stripe, line, grain, make, mark; form, mold, ilk, type, variety, description, stamp, brand, feather, kidney, category, species; genre, nature, class, order.
4. manners
a. behavior, Archaic. havior, conduct, comportment, social behavior, life style, way of life, modus vivandi, ways, system of values, ethos, common practice, folkways, customs, mores, goings on, doings.b. etiquette, social code, rules of conduct, formalities, social procedures or conduct, good manners, politeness, politesse, comity, civility; social graces, proprieties, decorum, good form, courtliness; formality, formalness, ceremony, ritual, formalization; fash-ionableness, prevalence, currency, normality, rou-tineness; propriety, decorousness, correctness, Fr. conversance, Fr. bienseance; decency, seemliness, civilized behavior, dictates of society or of Mrs. Grundy, p's and q's; amenities, decencies, civilities, proper thing, what is done, social convention, Fr. bon ton. protocol, diplomatic code.c. pattern, behavior pattern, cultural pattern, behavioral norm, rule, procedure, form, run of things, matter of course; convention, custom, habit, established way, social usage, time-honored practice, tradition, folkway, practice, standing custom or practice, observance, ritual, praxis, consuetude.
5. to the manner born
aristocratic, patrician, blue-blooded, silk-stocking, noble, gentle, genteel, wellborn, highborn; royal, princely, kingly, titled; thoroughbred, pedigreed, of noble blood; elegant, graceful, fine; well-bred, polite, civil, mannerly, well-mannered, courteous; decorous, proper, Fr. comme il faut; gracious, ladylike, courtly, gentlemanly; debonair, chivalrous, chivalric, gallant, cavalier; polished, finished, refined, cultivated; urbane, suave, sophisticated, cosmopolitan, worldly; fashionable, high-toned, Sl. tony, high-class Sl. classy, Inf. swank.

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